Luigui Pelayo & Walton John Gonzales

Value for money excellent quality dog food
Any dog lover wants to have a healthy pooch that is full of energy, fit, good muscle tone and shiny and smooth coat that will have a happy and long life. In order to achieve this, choosing the right dog food is one of the main factors. It should be of best quality providing the necessary nutrients your dogs need in all life stages. We at SouthEast Bullies, a kennel of more than a decade, have tried numerous brands of dog food. Did lots of research and found that it always goes down to three things. How well the dog food is received, its affordability and peace of mind knowing that your dogs are having top quality produced food. Bosch dog food ticked all the boxes. It’s been six months since we started using it and find it no less than on par with other premium dog food but without breaking the bank. We cannot recommend it highly enough. Value for money excellent quality dog food.