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Bosch Petfood Manila

Sharing our little axel direct na change of dog food plus puppy milk walang naging problem sa poops di maanghit wala singaw sa katawan at hindi mabaho ang dumi may amoy pa din syempre pero ang layo po sa amoy ng dumi sa ibang dog food try nyo po mga ka ASO sulit na sulit ang pag palit sa BOSCH garantisado po yan di kayo magsisi👌👌

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Luigui Pelayo & Walton John Gonzales

Any dog lover wants to have a healthy pooch that is full of energy, fit, good muscle tone and shiny and smooth coat that will have a happy and long life. In order to achieve this, choosing the right dog food is one of the main factors. It should be of best quality providing the necessary nutrients your dogs need in all life stages.

We at SouthEast Bullies, a kennel of more than a decade, have tried numerous brands of dog food. Did lots of research and found that it always goes down to three things. How well the dog food is received, its affordability and peace of mind knowing that your dogs are having top quality produced food.

Bosch dog food ticked all the boxes. It’s been six months since we started using it and find it no less than on par with other premium dog food but without breaking the bank. We cannot recommend it highly enough. Value for money excellent quality dog food.

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Dr. Joy Pecdaen

My pets nutrition!!! Bosch pet food….
Sa bosch lng sila HIYANG….
Salamat Lnjp Hofmann for bringing this petfoods here in phils…@

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Roxan Canda Patos

What I like about this Hofmann Shampoo Bar is that my dogs love it! I'm glad I found this product. They help my dogs coat become moisturized and reduced skin rashes. I recommend this product as well as Hofmann Virgin Coconut Oil

testi3 2 - Hofmann Corp.
Ms. Joreen Luy

These healthy feline darlings favorite mukbang is Hofmann Super premium beef with Linseed oil.
"Sa Hofmann beef paté po, di sila madali magsawa and the first time nila tinry yung food i saw how fast they ate it to the point na i have to give them i little bit more kasi inaagawan na yung nahuling natapos. Its very palatable for my cats".

test4 2 - Hofmann Corp.

"Bumili muna ako ng small bottle para ibigay sa Lab ko. After a few weeks malaki na improvement as in sobrang soft na ng fur niya and super shiny and naglessen narin yung pagshed. Plus nilalagay ko to lagi sa food niya dahil di siya kumakain if wala(no joke).haha"

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Juan Ricardo Marcelo

Bosch helped us raise our dogs properly. They are very active and have clean & shiny coats. We’ve been using Bosch since day one. We also have a different kind of dogs and they all use Bosch products. We are also the official distributor of Bosch pet food here in Quezon City. Our customers have been loyal to Bosch since the day they tried it. We also ask for updates from our customers and we’ve been receiving positive feedback. Since selling Bosch we haven’t had even 1 negative feedback. We’re truly thankful to Bosch for giving us an extra income and for giving the best quality food for our dogs. #AlagangBosch #TeamWoozy #GBK

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Hannah Pearl – Alano American Bully breeder President and Co-founder of Philippine American Bully Club

My female American bully gave birth to 7 puppies. Her milk consumption was enough pero yung iba nahihirapan talaga sumingit sa bigger littermates kaya sobrang laking tulong ng Bosch milk replacement. Sa ibang brand, watery ang stool ng past litters ko but eversince I started using Bosch Milk, wala ako nakitang problema. My puppies are all healthy.

Capture - Hofmann Corp.
Zelle Tan

I don't usually give feedback of products that I use but this I have to.
For more than a year, Eclyps my senior dog has a bald spot on his right hind paw. We concluded it's either hotspot/allergy so we did the usual medication appropriate for it but none seems to work. Frequent visits to the vet has done nothing. Until I finally said 'I give up! The spot does not disappear nor does it spread. It is not cancer so let's leave it be.'
Last month ate Sheila and I came across Olewo Red Beets...and voila 'the bald spot started healing!' 😍
Sadly, I don't have a photo of it before using the product. I can say I'm happy with the result. 😁 Very very happeh! 🤗🤗🤗

86977589 867039357074561 4494307040423837696 n - Hofmann Corp.

Thank you LNJP Hofmann💕😍 may cats and dog are now satisfied 🤘🏼

VCO contains more than 50% lauric acid that contains antibacterial , antiviral and antifungal properties. It also protects from illnesses and speed healing 💋 and Lastly, it improves skin and coat 😍

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Melissa Golez

As a dog lover, I put a premium on my pets' health and well-being. 2019 was the year I started patronizing products sold by LNJP Hofmann Corp.
The dogfood brand we gave our pets before change its formulation and my dogs were affected. They were stinking so bad and their coat became dull. We forayed into other dogfood brands and in the process came across Bosch Petfood. It only took a few weeks for us to see and smell the difference. Our dogs' coats became thicker, smoother and had a great shine---nutrients reached their fur. Their stools were firm and less mal-odorous and their pee output was of a good color and quantity and less stinky.
Their other products such as canned Chicken in Salmon Oil, Beef in Linseed Oil(smelled better than some local canned corned beef for human consumption) and Beef Patè were great. A little goes a long way.
Let us not forget too about the other high quality but affordable items they carry --- leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, et. al. --- quality, durability, pretty aesthetic and most of all reasonable pricing. Value for one's money and great customer care from LNJP Hofmann Corp made it easy to patronise their products.

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